If you've been to our site before, you know how much we love to do handprint crafts! We find a way to turn a handprint into all sorts of things just to create a way to document how tiny she is now and was then. Our toddler really enjoyed this handprint fish craft - so much so that we ended up making multiple fish bowls! We think that using the dried beans in this craft was the key to capturing her intrest because they were new and different. Enjoy!

What you'll need:

  • Construction paper
  • Dried beans (we used the 15 bean variety soup pack)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Googly eye
  • Pen or marker
  • White pony beads
  • Fish Bowl Template
How to make your kids handprint fish bowl craft:
  • Print our fish bowl template and cut it out. Trace the bowl onto construction paper and cut it out.
  • Trace your child's hand on construction paper and cut it out. Make sure that you cut a rounded bump out at the wrist part of the handprint to make a better looking face for your fish.
  • Squeeze a good amount of glue along the bottom of the fish bowl. Glue the dried beans along the bottom to look like gravel in the fish bowl.
  • Glue the handprint onto the fish bowl. Glue a googly eye onto the handprint and use a pen or markers to draw on a smile.
  • Cut a small diamond shape out of construction paper and glue it on as a fin.
handprint fish bowl craft

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