Looking for an adorable way to store your child's trinkets? Then, put your preschooler to work creating a Munching Monster! Using only a few supplies, this craft will ensure a fun time and promote the use of fine motor skills! Once complete, set you "little monster" loose to find toys to pick up. You never know� your child might come to enjoy cleaning up his or her toys!

What you'll need:

  • Clean, empty, label-free wipes box
  • Colored cardstock (8 � inches x 11 inches)
  • scissors
  • tacky glue or hot glue
  • cotton ball
  • two wiggly eyes
  • Munching Monster template
  • markers
How to make your Munching Monster craft:
  1. Make sure all labels are removed from your wipes box and that it is completely dry (see photos)
  2. Print the Munching Monster template on pieces of cardstock or print the template out and trace onto colored cardstock. Cut out the eyes, tongue, and tail. (see photos)
  3. Glue the wiggly eyes to the center of the eye templates. Fold the bottom of the eye template up and glue it to the lid of the wipes box. Make sure that you do not glue the eyes to the crease in the wipes box where the top opens. If you do, the box will not open very well! (see photos)
  4. Glue the cotton ball on the lid as a nose. Allow the glue to dry before continuing to the next step (see photos)
  5. Take the tongue and draw a line down the center of it. Pop open the wipes box and glue it to the center of the bottom of the wipes box. Allow the glue to dry. Once dry, fold the tongue over so that you are able to close the wipes box. (see photos)
  6. Take the cut out tail and decorate with colored cardstock pieces or markers. Fold the end and attach to the back of the wipes box using glue. Allow the tail to dry completely. (see photos)
  7. Once dry, your Munching Monster is ready to start storing your toys!
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