Check out our puzzle crafts for kids. We just started this section, so its a little light, but we will be adding more soon. The idea here is crafts that kids get to make that when complete are puzzles or activities that can then entertain. So far we have an "I Spy" in a jar craft as well as a popsicle puzzle craft. We are sure kids will enjoying making these puzzle crafts and then playing with them after they are complete!

Kids Puzzle Crafts

"I Spy" in a Jar Craft i spy puzzle craft

Kids get to make their own "I Spy" in a jar craft! They will love making this simple craft which includes them picking a bunch of materials to put in the jar. Then follow our instructions to fill it and then kids get to try and find all the items.

Popsicle Stick Puzzle Art Craft popsicle stick puzzle craft

This popsicle stick puzzle art craft is perfect for younger kids. They get to draw their own picture on the popsicle sticks, practice their numbering skills and then practice their ability to count when putting the puzzle back together. Check it out!