Time to go on a dinosaur hunt with our dinosaur color matching game! Just print and cut out the dinosaur cards and color cards from our provided templates. Lay the color cards out on the floor or table and bury the dinosaur cards in a container of rice. Then let your children dig through the rice to find the dinosaurs and match them to their color cards! This dinosaur color matching game is a fantastic preschool learning activity. Digging through the rice adds a great sensory experience to this fun dinosaur game for kids. Our two year old daughter absolutely loved this game and we played it over and over again. Enjoy!

What you'll need:

How to make your dinosaur color matching game:
  • Print our templates. If possible print them out onto heavier quality paper. If not, glue the print outs onto poster board and then cut out the dinosaur cards and color cards. This will give the cards some added stability and make digging for them easier so they don't rip.
  • Fill a shallow pan (we used a roasting pan) with uncooked rice.
  • Bury the dinosaur cards in the rice pan. Lay the color cards out so they are all visible.
  • Have your child dig through the rice and go on a dinosaur hunt! Once they find a dinosaur they need to match the dinosaur card with it's color card.
Color Match Game 1

Color Match Game 2