When paleontologists go on a dinosaur dig and find fossils they have to put them together like a puzzle to figure out what the dinosaur looked like. This was the inspiration for our dinosaur fossil game. Simply print out our fossil template to create your puzzle pieces and bury them in a pan of uncooked rice for an instant dinosaur activity to do with your kids! You can also customize this dinosaur activity to meet the ability level of your child. Enjoy!

What you'll need:

How to make your dinosaur fossil game:
  • Print out our fossil template. If you have younger children that need a finished picture of the fossil to build off of, print two copies.
  • Glue the templatae to a piece of light-weight cardboard (a cereal box works well here).
  • Cut the picture apart into pieces. The size and number of pieces will depend on your child's age/ability.
  • Bury the pieces in the rice and have your child find them!
fossil puzzle dig

dinosaur fossil game