We needed a fun craft to make during a snow storm with our daughters, and this quick icicle craft was perfect. Our older daughter loved the way icicles glittered when the sun hit them outside, so we decided to bring that same effect inside. This icicle craft has huge kid appeal as it consists of only glue and glitter!

What you'll need:

  • White glue (Elmer's works best, preferably not a new/full bottle)
  • A plastic spoon or stick
  • Glitter
  • Blue construction paper
  • Box lid (shirt boxes are perfect for this)

How to make your icicle craft

  1. Add a little bit of water to a bottle of white glue. It is nearly impossible to mix in a new bottle of glue, so using a half full bottle is the best way to go. Stir the glue water pretty well and check to see that it is able to easily run off the end of the spoon. Put the lid back on the glue bottle.
  2. Place a piece of blue construction paper into the box lid.
  3. Lean the box lid against something so that it is at an angle. You need gravity for this to have the right effect!
  4. Have your child squeeze the glue generously in a relatively straight line across the top of the paper and watch the glue drip down to form icicles. They can add a little extra glue to make some of the drips longer if they want. There is no right or wrong to this craft, so have fun experimenting!
  5. Once the drips are where they want them to be, lay the box lid flat and let them sprinkle a generous amount of glitter onto the glue. It looks best if the glue is covered with glitter. We used silver and iridescent.
  6. Once the glue dries, the glittery icicles will be left behind.
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