Make this delightful alligator craft using an egg carton for its back to give it that bumpy look that alligators have. Your kids will love the end product and will be able to play with it as well. A lot of people go through a dozen or so eggs every week and end up either tossing the egg cartons, or collecting them and don't know to do with them. So this alligator craft is the perfect one if you're in that situation!

What you'll need:

How to make your alligator egg carton craft:
  1. If you are using a one dozen egg carton cut it in half and paint the outside green.
  2. Using the template provided trace and cut out the pieces to the alligator on green construction paper and attach together whether using tape or glue. Also cut out the teeth on white paper and eyes on red paper.
  3. Once the egg carton has dried glue on the middle of the alligator and then glue on the eyes and teeth as shown in the pictures.
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