Turn your child's fingerprints into a pumpkin patch with this cute fall craft for kids. This is a wonderful pumpkin craft for even very young children because all they need to do is some cute finger painting. Older children could make this craft more advanced by making more precise vines connecting the pumpkins together. We made this cute pumpkin patch craft with our 4 year old daughter and she had a great time. This craft uses materials you most likely already have on hand which makes it the perfect craft to do on a cool fall day.

What you'll need:

  • White paper
  • Green finger paint
  • Orange and brown paint
  • Paint brush
How to make your Pumpkin Patch Craft:
  1. Put a few spots of green finger paint on the white paper and let your child swirl them around to make vines.
  2. Have your child dip their finger into orange paint and make dots (pumpkins!) around the page.
  3. Use the paint brush and brown paint to add stems to the pumpkins.