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Fall in love with the Fall Leaves Spice Art Greeting Card! Create a festive fall scene from common spices such as paprika, cinnamon, and cumin. Once swirled, the beautiful colors of these spices combined with the aromatic smell are sure to spice up someone's day and make for a beautiful fall decoration!
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What You'll Need


Using tacky glue, carefully place some glue along the bottom of the white cardstock in a row. This is going to be where your grass will go. Once you have covered the desired grass area in glue, sprinkle dill on top. Use a q-tip to move the spices to the glue areas. Shake off the excess dill and discard. (see photos).


Place glue in four straight columns, in the areas where you would like tree trunks. These should connect to the dill grass you already created. Sprinkle the tree trunk glue with cinnamon. Once the glue is covered, shake off the excess cinnamon and discard. (see photos)


Place glue above one of the tree trunks in the areas where you would like leaves. Sprinkle the glue area with paprika. Shake off the excess paprika and discard. (see photos)


Repeat the above step using cumin, turmeric, and ground mustard for the other tree trunks, making sure to shake off the excess spices. Allow the glue to dry. (see photos)


Once the glue is dry, use the markers to write "Hope your day is filled with COLOR!" Decorate the card with markers if desired. (see photos).


Your card is now complete. Leave it out as a surprise for a parent or put it in someone's mailbox!