Remind children to be thankful this Thanksgiving with the Bountiful Thanks Greeting Card. Made from cardstock, markers, glue, and scissors, this craft is perfect for any elementary-aged children. Teachers and parents will love this craft with the few materials required and little mess to clean up. Have children make several of these cards and write nice messages inside to deliver to neighbors, friends, or loved ones telling the how thankful they are to know them.

What you'll need:

How to make your Thanksgiving greeting card
  • Print the Bountiful Thanks Greeting Card Template onto white cardstock. Fold the card in half so that the cornucopia is on the front of the card. (see photos)
  • Color the cornucopia brown. (see photos)
  • Depending on the skill level, amount of time, and preferences, draw or cut out of colored cardstock the following foods: tomatoes, an ear of corn, carrots, a pumpkin, a bunch of grapes, and a squash. If you are cutting out the various pieces of food, make sure to glue them securely and allow the glue to dry. (see photos)
  • On the bottom of the card, use a marker to write "Bountiful Thanks for All You Do" or "Abundant Thanks." (see photos)
  • Decorate the inside and the outside of the card with anything else that you desire. On the inside of the card, be sure to write a nice note of thanks to a neighbor, friend, or loved one. Then, deliver or mail your card to warm someone's heart!
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