Dad will love this special book from his child. This book allows kids to think about the stuff they love about their dad and the things they like to do best. Then they color and practice writing to complete the templated pages. This book is an easy craft for kids, but is such a special gift that fathers will just love. All you have to do is print out the pages, cut them out and the kids fill in the rest. Attach together in the order you want and you have a great craft that makes a great present for dad. We have a Microsoft Word template version of the Dad and I book so you can even customize it to be exactly what you want.

Dad and I Book - Pages 1-2

Dad and I Book - Pages 3-4

Dad and I Book - Pages 5-6

How to make your Dad and I Book:

  • Print out the templated book pages.
  • Think about the things you love about Dad.
  • Complete the sentence on each page and color a picture to go with it.
  • Cut out the individual pages.
  • Put the pages in the order you want then staple the pages together to form book (or punch holes and attach with string).
  • Make sure to put your name and date on the front page of the book.
  • Optional: Use the Word Document version and customize the coupons to be exactly what you want.
Customize your Dad and I book
To customize your own version of this Dad and I book, just click the links below to download the Microsoft Word versions. Save the files locally on your computer and then you can open them up and change anything you want. We created these files using text boxes to be able to position the text as needed. Therefore, you may want to turn on the "Drawing" toolbar in Word if you don't have it on by default (View--Toolbars--Drawing). Then you can click to grab the text boxes and lines that are part of the printable book pages and modify as needed.
Download Word Version of Dad and I Book - Page 1, Page 2 and Page 3