Give Mom a personalized gift that she can keep and treasure! Children get to think about what they love to do with their mom, draw pictures and write short phrases to fill in the blanks. This "Mom and I" book is a printable craft that a child can do by completing sentences like "My favorite thing to do with mom is..." and draw a picture to go along with it. Mom will just love this personalized craft as a gift for any occasion. Just print out the pages for your book and put together. We have a Microsoft Word template that you can even customize, print and color to make it exactly like you want.

Mom and I Book - Pages 1-2

Mom and I Book - Pages 3-4

Mom and I Book - Pages 5-6

How to make your Mom and I Book:

  • Print out the templated book pages.
  • Think about the things you love about Mom.
  • Complete the sentence on each page and color a picture to go with it.
  • Cut out the individual pages.
  • Put the pages in the order you want then staple the pages together to form book (or punch holes and attach with string).
  • Make sure to put your name and date on the front page of the book.
  • Optional: Use the Word Document version and customize the pages to be exactly what you want.
Customize your Mom and I book
To customize your own version of this Mom and I book, just click the link below to download the Microsoft Word version. Save the file locally on your computer and then you can open it up and change anything you want. We created this file using text boxes to be able to position the text as needed. Therefore, you may want to turn on the "Drawing" toolbar in Word if you don't have it on by default (View--Toolbars--Drawing). Then you can click to grab the text boxes and lines that are part of the printable book pages and modify as needed.
Download Word Version of Mom and I Book