I love getting hand print or footprint crafts from my kids for Mother's Day. Time really does go by far too quickly and these crafts are a great way to look back in the years to come and remember how small our little ones once were. This hand print and footprint flower craft is a simple Mother's day craft that is perfect for grandmothers too. All you need are paper, glue and scissors and this adorable paper craft is sure to be the highlight of mom's day.

What you'll need:

  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Cup to trace around for center circle
  • Picture of child (optional)
  • Pen
How to make your Hand and Footprint Flower Craft:
  1. Trace your child's feet onto green construction paper and cut them out.
  2. Cut a 1" wide x 8" long strip of green construction paper to be the stem.
  3. Trace your child's hands onto two different colors of construction paper. We used 6 hand prints total to get a nice full flower, but our 4 year old is tiny. If your child is older or younger (or we should say has really big or really small hands) you may need to change how many hand prints you use.
  4. Glue the footprints to the bottom of the green strip to make the leaves.
  5. Glue the hand prints to the top of the stem in alternating colors to make the flower.
  6. Trace an appropriately sized cup on a piece of yellow construction paper. Cut this out and glue in the center of your hand print flower to make the center.
  7. Cut out a smaller circular picture of your child and glue it to the center of the yellow circle.
  8. On one "leaf" write the date. On the other "leaf" write:
    "This little flower is special, you see,
    because it is made from parts of me.
    My hands and feet made each flower part,
    to show I love you with all my heart."
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