The Heaping Platefuls Thanksgiving Game will have your mouth watering by the time you are finished! This fun craft is great for children of all ages. Children will love creating the different foods to create their very own Thanksgiving feast. Once they have made the game pieces, they can challenge a friend to see who can fill their plate first. A simple and fun game!

What you'll need:

How to make your Thanksgiving game
  • Print the Heaping Platefuls Thanksgiving Game onto white cardstock. (see photos)
  • Using markers or crayons, color the plate. Make sure to write your name on the piece of cardstock with the paper plate on it so that you know which game board is yours. (see photos)
  • Cut each piece of food out of brightly colored cardstock (dark brown for the turkey, light and dark brown for the stuffing, white and yellow for the mashed potatoes, maroon for the cranberry sauce, green, yellow, and orange for the vegetables, and yellow for the cornbread). If necessary, glue the food pieces together. (See the photos for examples of each food)
  • On the back of the turkey, write a number "1". On the back of the stuffing, write a number "2". On the back of the mashed potatoes, write a number "3". On the back of the cranberry sauce, write a number "4". On the back of the peas, write a number "5". On the back of the cornbread, write a number "6".
  • Your Heaping Platefuls Thanksgiving Game is now ready to play! Once everyone has made their own game boards, sit down and play the game. To play, decide who will go first. The first person rolls the die. The player then takes the food with the corresponding number and places it on his or her plate. For example, if you rolled a three, you would take the mashed potatoes and set them on your plate. If the number has previously been rolled and the food is already on the plate, then the player passes the die to the next person. For example, if you roll another three and already have mashed potatoes on your plate, simply pass the die to the next person. Players continue taking turns until someone rolls all six numbers and fills his or her plate with each food! (see photos)
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