Teach children the story of Noah and the Ark through the Two by Two Noah's Ark Matching Game. This fun game combines the traditional game of memory with some fun twists. A perfect addition to any Sunday school or VBS lesson! Make your own ark out of paper plates, colored cardstock, animal stickers, markers, and glue.

What you'll need:

How to make your Noah's Ark matching game:
  • Print the Two by Two Noah's Ark Matching Game template onto white cardstock and cut out the square cards. Make sure to print page two of the template two times so that you have a total of twelve cardstock matching cards. (see photos)
  • Place one animal sticker on each card, making sure that you use each animal sticker two times. For example, there should be two giraffes, two zebras, etc. Decorate the cards with markers. (see photos)
  • Trace the pocket shape onto colored cardstock six times. You can make each of the pockets a different color or make them all the same color. Cut out the pocket shapes. (see photos)
  • Place one animal sticker that corresponds with a set of matching animals on each of the pockets. For example, if you have two giraffe cards, place a giraffe sticker on one of the colored cardstock pockets. Decorate the pockets with markers. (see photos)
  • Cut one inch off of the paper plate and color it brown. Glue the six colored cardstock pockets to the front with the stickers facing out. Allow the glue to dry. (see photos)
  • Cut a rectangle out of the large piece of brown cardstock. Cut off the top two corners to form a roof for the ark. Draw windows on the ark. Along the top of the plate write "God told Noah to gather the animals two by two." (see photos)
  • Your memory game is ready to play. Shuffle the cards and lay them face down. Take turns flipping over two cards. If the animals match, place them in the ark in the corresponding pocket. If they do not match, turn them back over. Play continues until all matches have been found. The winner is the person who finds the most matches. Happy Matching!
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