After reading the story of Joseph, complete the experience with the Joseph's Coat of Many Colors craft. Made from clear gift wrap paper, colored tissue paper, stapler, and colored cardstock, children of all ages are sure to have a blast making their own. Once complete, children can carry this fun craft with them to remind them that God is always with them, even in tough times!

What you'll need:

  • Clear gift wrap paper
  • Small pieces of colored tissue paper
  • Skin-colored cardstock
  • 1 large piece of white cardstock
  • Joseph's Coat of Many Colors template
  • 2 wiggly eyes (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Tape
How to make your Joseph's coat of many colors craft
  • Print the Joseph's Coat of Many Colors craft template onto white cardstock. Cut out the shapes. (see photos)
  • Trace the coat onto the clear gift wrap paper two times and cut out. Tape the two pieces together on all sides except for the bottom. (see photos)
  • Using scissors, cut thin strips of different colored tissue paper. Stuff these pieces inside of the coat. Once the coat is full, tape the bottom shut. (see photos)
  • Trace the oval onto skin-colored cardstock and cut out. Glue wiggly eyes on, if desired and allow to dry. Using markers, draw a mouth, nose, ears, and hair. Glue the head to the top of Joseph's coat. (see photos)
  • Using scissors and the skin-colored cardstock, cut out hands and feet for Joseph. Glue to the arms and bottom of the coat. Allow the glue to dry. (see photos)
  • Your beautiful coat is now complete. For additional fun, cut a piece of ribbon and glue it to Joseph's head so that you can decorate your room or a door knob with your new craft!
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