Explore the story of Noah's Ark with this fun craft featuring an ark that rocks back and forth, pairs of animals, and a colorful rainbow. This craft uses a paper plate, construction paper, glue, crayons and google eyes. Once complete, if they wish, children can continue to make their own animal pairs and add them as they recreate the story.

What you'll need:

  • A paper plate that can be folded in half (not the foam kind)
  • Construction paper: Orange yellow, brown, white
  • Noah's Ark template
  • Crayons or markers
  • Glue
  • Google eyes
  • Scissors
How to make your Noah's Ark craft
  1. Fold paper plate evenly in half
  2. Draw waves onto bottom and add brown for wood effect
  3. Cut out templates and rainbow
  4. Trace shapes onto construction paper and cut out
  5. For the ark fold paper in two so roof is along fold for extra sturdiness
  6. Color animals, ark and rainbow as you like
  7. Glue on google eyes and let dry
  8. Glue top of ark onto paper plate and rainbow above roof
  9. Glue giraffes in middle for balance
  10. Glue bears and tigers on either side
  11. Ark should gently rock back and forth with a gentle touch
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