We couldn't do a set of farm crafts without doing a barn craft. The idea for this barn craft came from one of our daughter's old board books, and it is definitely a fun craft to do with your kids. Our printable templates make this craft even easier. An older child would be able to handle all of the cutting, while a younger child would be better starting with pre-cut pieces. Once you have the barn cut out and glued onto paper, even young children will enjoy gluing the animals all around the barn. This barn craft makes a great hands-on tool when singing "Old MacDonald"!

What you'll need:

  • Printable templates (barn) (animals)
  • Construction paper (red, black, green)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Crayons
How to make your Peek-a-boo Barn Craft:
  1. Print our barn template and cut out the pieces. Trace the barn onto red construction paper. Trace the roof and window onto black construction paper. Cut the pieces out.
  2. Cut the doors on the barn so they open. Make a cut down the center of the doors, and alone the top of each door. Make sure you don't cut the very outer edges of the door (on the right and left) or your doors will fall off instead of opening!
  3. Glue a piece of red construction paper on the back of the barn so that it covers the doors. Do not glue the piece of construction paper to the doors - you want this piece to act as the "back-drop", so that there will be some red showing when the doors are open.
  4. Glue the barn to a piece of green construction paper.
  5. Glue the roof and window onto the barn.
  6. Print the animal template and let your child color the pieces they wish to include on the barn scene.
  7. Cut the animals/scenery pieces out. Glue the pieces onto the barn. Make sure an animal gets glued inside the barn so your child can open the doors to find it!
kids farm animals craft

barn animals craft

kids barn craft