This pig craft got a resounding "let's do that again Mommy!" when we did this farm animal craft with our daughter. Print out our provided template (print onto pink paper to make the prep time for this craft even shorter) and let your child sponge paint on the "mud". This pig craft is a simple one, but a definite child favorite!

What you'll need:

How to make your muddy pig craft:
  1. Print our pig template and cut out the pig. This works best if you trim down a piece of pink construction paper so it fits in your printer and just print directly onto that.
  2. Cut the pig out and glue to a piece of green construction paper.
  3. Cut your sponge to a manageable size for your child. Have your child dip the sponge in the brown paint and paint the pig with "mud".
kids pig craft

muddy pig craft