It is so much more fun to pretend to be a frog when you are able to look the part! Our cute frog craft uses only two materials (and a bit of tape), but the end result is priceless. Our girls love to hop around the house yelling out "Ribbit!" as they go wearing their frog hat crafts. We also give them a party blower to go with it so that they have a tongue just like a frog! For an extra fun activity to go with our lessons about pond life we wear our frog hats while we play with our Lily Pad Game.

What you'll need:

  • Green craft foam visor - available at most craft stores for ~$1.
  • Giant googly eyes - again available at most craft stores
  • Tape (glue just doesn't cut it here, unless you use hot glue)
How to make your frog hat craft:
  1. Tape the two googly eyes onto the craft foam visor.
  2. Jump!
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