Our shamrock tree craft was created by our daughter. We had a small bag of pre-cut foam shamrocks lying out and we were trying to figure out a craft to use them in. She saw them (before we explained what a shamrock was) and asked to make a tree with the cute leaves - and voila! This is a simple St. Patrick's Day craft for kids that is suited for even young children.

What you'll need:

  • Pre-cut small craft foam shamrocks
  • White glue
  • Construction paper
  • Brown and green crayons
How to make your Shamrock Tree Craft
  1. Use the crayons and draw a tree trunk and a tree top on a piece of construction paper. Color the tree trunk in brown.
  2. Put a nice layer of glue down on the tree top.
  3. Cover the tree top with the foam shamrocks.
toddler shamrock craft

tree shamrock craft

kids st. patricks day craft

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