This adorable handprint turkey is one of our all-time favorite Thanksgiving crafts. The turkey is made by using your child's footprint as the turkey's body and your child's handprints as it's feathers. This is a great, easy craft for children of all ages, and even very young children enjoy seeing their "hands" on a gobbling turkey! We always make a turkey for each member of the family and hang them on the door as a great Thanksgiving decoration. They also make a great gift for the grandparents. Enjoy!

What you'll need:

  • Brown, Red, Yellow, and Orange Construction Paper
  • 2 Googly Eyes
  • Glue
  • Scissors
How to make your Handprint Turkey Craft
  • Trace your child's foot onto brown construction paper and cut it out.
  • Trace your child's hand onto the red, orange, and yellow construction paper and cut out multiple handprints. TIP: Trace your child's hand on the three different colors and then stack multiple sheets to make the time go faster.
  • Cut a small triangle out of orange construction paper for a beak.
  • Cut a small peanut shape out of red construction paper for a waddle (we think that's the right term!).
  • Cut two feet out of orange construction paper.
  • Turn the footprint so that the heel is now the turkey's head. Glue your handprint feathers to the back of the body.
  • Glue on the googly eyes, beak, waddle and feet.