I is for inchworm! As alphabet animal crafts go, this cute inchworm craft is a fun one to make and our provided template makes it easy. Our inchworm I craft makes a great alphabet craft or bug craft for young crafters. Make sure to point out that an inchworm is an insect!

What you'll need:

How to make your Letter I Inch Worm Craft:
  1. Print our Inchworm and letter I template and cut out the pieces.
  2. Trace the letter I onto the middle of a piece of construction paper.
  3. Trace the circles onto construction paper and cut them out. The number of circles you need depends on how the child glues the inchworm together. Our older daughter stayed in a very straight line with hers. Our toddler needed extra circles to follow her very long inchworm around the letter I.
  4. Glue the a circle to the top portion of the letter I. Add on googly eyes (or draw them on with a marker) and add a mouth to this piece to make a head.
  5. Glue the rest of the circles onto the I to make the inchworm's body.
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