Toddlers and preschool age children will really like this treasure scavenger hunt. Make clues that kids have to follow to figure out where the secret treasure is hidden. You can make this as hard or easy as you like. We did this for our toddler daughter and she loved it so much we ended up doing it over and over for at least a week. Have fun with this simple and fun kids scavenger hunt!

What you'll need:

  • Box of any type (we used a wooden treasure box from any craft store and painted it)
  • Index cards or construction paper
  • Some sort of treasure to put in your treasure chest
What to do:
  1. Decorate your treasure chest.
  2. Cut out cards for your clues.
  3. Write a clue on each card that will direct kids to the next clue. Each clue should give kids a clue to find the next clue and then the last clue should direct kids to where the treasure chest is hidden. The more clues you make, the harder your scavenger hunt will be, so adjust based on age. We did four clues for a two year old.
  4. Hide the clues and treasure chest in the appropriate spots based on the clues.
  5. Sit back and watch as your kids have tons of fun with the scavenger hunt!
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