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This spider web craft was actually inspired by a lacing activity our daughter did at preschool this year. At school, they were to lace around the outside of a paper plate, but if you go back and forth across the plate with the string it makes a perfect Halloween spider web - especially if you add a spider! This Halloween lacing craft is a great way for your child to practice their fine motor skills as it includes lacing, simple cutting, and controlling the paint brush.
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What You'll Need


Paint the paper plate orange.


While the plate dries, print our spider template and cut the spider out. Trace the spider onto black felt or construction paper and cut the spider shape out. Cut three small slits into each side of the spider shape to make legs. If working with a preschooler, have the adult cut out the main spider shape and then let your child make the smaller cuts to make the legs.


When the plate is dry, punch holes around the rim of the plate.


Lace the string through one of the holes. We gave up on the old method of tying a knot in one end of the string because we found that our just-turned-three year old daughter got too frustrated wtih it, and often times, the hole punches used were so big that the knot always pulled through no matter how big it was. We found that it worked much better to tie the string around the first hole, or to tape it to the back of the plate. Also, if you are not using a shoelace, wrap a small piece of scotch tape around one end of the string to create a stiff end for your child to use (like a needle).


Encourage your child as they lace the string back and forth across the plate. When they get to the end, tie off the last piece (or tape it to the back of the plate).


Glue the spider onto the plate.