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This is a cute stocking craft that lets your child practice their lacing skills. Younger children can lace up a single stocking, while older children could try lacing two layers together to create an actual stocking that would hold something light weight. Once you are done lacing the stocking, decorate it with anything you would like and then add on a cotton ball top. This is a cute Christmas craft that is great for preschoolers on up!
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What You'll Need


Print our stocking template and cut the piece out. Trace it onto construction paper and cut that out.


Punch holes around the outside of the stocking. The amount of holes and how close together they are should be determined by the age/skill level of your child. For really young kids, keep the number small and space them out to minimize frustration.


Tape one end of the string onto the back of the stocking at the top, then thread it through the first hole to get your child started. We've found the simplest threading material to be shoelaces - they have a built in "needle"! Our daughter is older so we've progressed to ribbon.


Help your child weave the string in and out of the holes. You want to end on the back side of the stocking so you can tape it down. You can either plan out your holes really well, or if you end up front punch an extra hole and weave it through.


Add some glue to the top of the stocking and let your child put on some cotton balls for a fluffy top.


Let your child decorate the stocking however they would like!