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We love crafts that use handprints. Our daughter loves watching all the fun things her handprints can turn into and we love being able to hang on to these crafts for years to come as a way to remember how small she is now. This handprint ghost trick-or-treat bag craft is a great way to get your child excited about trick-or-treat night and it is a great Halloween craft for kids. Adding a little glow-in-the-dark paint makes this trick-or-treat craft even more fun on Halloween night as your little one's ghost will glow as they hold the bag out for their treats!
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What You'll Need


Lay the canvas bag down flat. Use the paint brush to brush the white paint onto your child's hand. Don't paint their thumb - you only want the 4 fingers for this craft. (We found that handprint crafts turn out a little better/"cleaner" when we painted our daughter's hand than when she dipped her hand directly into the paint).


Help them carefully lay and press their hand onto the bag and then pull straight back up so the handprint doesn't smear.


To get a smoother ghost, go back over the handprint with the paint brush (and more white paint if necessary)


When the ghost has dried, use black paint to add a face to your ghost.


Use the glow-in-the-dark paint to outline the ghost and to write "BOO!" onto the bag. **Note: although you are painting on fabric, regular white craft paint is ok for this craft assuming it will most likely only be used on trick-or-treat night and won't be washed. If you think your craft will get more use, please use fabric paint instead so that the bag holds up better.