Black cat, Jack-o-lantern, ghost or frankenstein - your child can choose their favorite pattern and you can help them turn it into their very own paper Trick-or-Treat bag. We learned quickly that paper bags with handles (think gift bags) worked better for trick-or-treating with young children than canvas bags or plastic bags. These bags tend to stay open on their own and it is much easier for a small child to manage them when going up to the houses (and it's easier for the candy-giver to drop candy in!). This is a great Halloween craft for kids and is sure to get them excited for Halloween night!

Black Cat Treat Bag

black cat trick or treat bag
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Frankenstein Bag

frankenstein trick or treat bag
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Ghost Treat Bag

ghost trick or treat bag
View Ghost Treat Bag

Jack-o-Lantern Bag

jack-o-lantern trick or treat bag
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