This haunted house craft was inspired by our daughter's lift-the-flap books (which she loves). Our haunted house craft has all sorts of happy Halloween characters that hide beneath window for kids to find. It's a fun Halloween paper craft and it makes a great Halloween decoration as well. Younger kids will most likely need help cutting the pieces out but will enjoy gluing it all together, while older children will be able to do the whole craft themselves.

What you'll need:

How to make your Lift-the-flap Haunted House Craft:
  1. Print our template and cut out the pieces. Trace them onto construction paper (choose your own colors, or use the colors shown in the photos), and cut out the construction paper pieces.
  2. Cut around the door and windows in the main house piece and the roof piece. The key here is to leave one side attached so that it opens. You will need to have an adult use either very sharp scissors or a utility knife to do this, as it just isn't possible with safety scissors (we tried).
  3. Glue a scrap piece of paper to the back of the house and roof (do not glue the windows/door shut!). Make sure the scrap piece of paper matches the color of the house/roof.
  4. Glue the house to a piece of black construction paper.
  5. Glue all the other pieces (ghosts, pumpkins, etc.) in and around your haunted house.
haunted house craft
kids haunted house
lift flap haunted house craft
craft steps haunted house

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