This craft would make a great gift for a Veteran or a 4th of July decoration. Wrap red, white, and blue yarn around a toilet paper roll to form patriotic stripes. Then have your child help you fold a sheet of paper to make rows of stars reminiscent of paper dolls. The paper folding can be a lesson on the term "half", since you will be folding the paper in half 4 times!

What you'll need:

  • Toilet paper roll
  • One sheet of printer paper
  • Red, white, and blue yarn
  • Scissors & glue, tape
How to make your Patriotic Windsock:
  • Cover 1/3 of the roll in glue and wrap red yarn around it. Repeat for white and blue yarns.
  • Make rows of stars the same way you would make paper dolls:
    • Fold the white paper in half twice, lengthwise.
    • Accordion fold the paper into 4 equal sections.
    • Draw a star on top of accordion as shown, with the 2 side points extending off the page.
    • Adults cut out star shape, forming 4 rows of 4 stars each.
  • Tape the top star of each row into the bottom opening of the roll.
  • Tape a length of yarn into the top opening, to use as a hanger.
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