Create an Uncle Sam to grace your refrigerator using simple materials found around your home. This fun craft is great for children of all ages. Once complete, Uncle Sam will hold little notes, reminders, and your children's artwork.

What you'll need:

  • 1 white, lined index card (3"x5")
  • Red and blue crayons
  • 1 cotton ball
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • 1 sticky-back magnet
  • 1 black marker
  • ruler
How to make your Uncle Sam Clothespin Magnet:
  • Take the index card and fold it in half. With adult supervision, use the scissors to cut along the crease. Set aside one piece of the index card. On one side of the index card, you will see a red line. Cut this part of the index card off and throw away. Fold the bottom � inch up and then fold it towards the back so that it no longer shows. (see photo)
  • With the remaining part of the index card, use the ruler and black marker to draw a straight line one inch from the bottom of the index card. Color this portion blue. (see photo)
  • Take the red crayon, and starting on the left side, color every other strip red. (see photo)
  • Take the index card and fit it around the part of the clothespin that can be pressed open. Secure the index card with a piece of tape. (see photo)
  • With the black marker, draw eyes and a mouth on Uncle Sam. (see photo)
  • Using the glue, secure the cotton ball to the bottom of the clothespin, underneath the mouth. Wipe away any excess glue. (see photo)
  • Once the glue has dried, turn over the clothespin and glue the magnet on the back. (see photo)
  • With the remaining portion of the index card and the crayons, write a simple note. Secure the note in Uncle Sam's mouth once the magnet has completely dried. Allow the magnet to harden for one day before hanging on your refrigerator. (see photo)
  • Hang your magnet and remember to change the note or hang your child's artwork!
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