Keep your locker clean this school year with the customizable Decorative Locker Magnets. Easy instructions for both a small magnet and a heavy-duty magnet are included so that children of all ages can make these magnets. You may want to make one for every school subject you have. Don't have a locker? Create these clips for your refrigerator to hold important school papers and artwork!

What you'll need:

  • Markers
  • 2 magnets with sticky backs
  • 2 magnetic clips
  • Small pieces of patterned and colored cardstock
  • tape
How to make your locker magnets:
  • Cut out four two-inch squares of patterned cardstock. (see photos).
  • Cut out a variety of shapes from the pieces of colored cardstock and glue them to the pieces of patterned cardstock. (see photos)
  • Using markers, write the purpose of each magnet on the piece of patterned cardstock. For example, homework assignments, sports schedule, important events, math notes, or phone numbers. (see photos)
  • Using tape rolls, adhere magnetic clips to the back of two of the patterned squares. Adhere two sticky back magnets to the back of two of the patterned squares. (see photos)
  • Your magnets are ready to display! Make your locker pretty and get organized!
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