The perfect craft for your little ones for the back to school time of year, this frame lets them be creative while sharing a memory of their first day back. This craft is appropriate for kids aged 4 and up, with younger kids needing help from an adult for the cutting.

What you'll need:

  • Large paper or foam plate
  • Red tissue paper cut into squares
  • Green construction paper for the leaves
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Black pen for personalization
  • Your favorite back to school photo
How to make your apple frame craft
  • Cut a bite out of your apple and a circle in the middle for the picture.
  • Glue the red tissue paper squares onto the plate, overlapping as you go to make a mosaic effect. Tuck edges into the hole for the photo and around the edges of the plate and glue into place on the back of the plate.
  • Cut out leaf shapes from the green construction paper. Glue them behind the plate so that they are sticking out of the top of your apple.
  • Glue or tape your photo to the back of the plate so that the image shows through.
  • Use the black pen to personalize your frame with your child's name, the year and �first day' or �first day of school' around the plate edge.
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