Dress up your desk and get ready for school with the Soup-er Pencil Holder. Elementary-aged kids will love fitting an old sock over a soup can to create something new! This handy utensil holder is sure to keep desks organized and floors clean!

What you'll need:

  • Glue
  • Soup can (16 oz. or taller)
  • Old adult-sized sock
  • scissors
  • ribbon
  • Sequins, buttons, and beads
How to make your Soup-er Pencil Holder craft:
  • Make sure your soup can is dry, clean, and all labels are removed. Carefully slide the soup can into the sock with the opening facing towards the cuff of the sock. When the cuff hangs over the top edge of the soup can by three inches, cut off the remaining top of the foot. Stuff the sock into the can. (see photos).
  • Cut a piece of ribbon and tie a bow around the top of the soup can. (see photos)
  • Using glue, decorate your pencil holder with sequins, buttons, and beads. Allow the glue to dry before use. (see photos)
  • Start looking for those pencils, pens, and markers you lost, so that your Soup-er Pencil Holder is not empty!
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