Are you ready for a super time? The Soup-er Alphabet Game is an easy-to-make, fast and fun game designed for your youngster learning his or her alphabet. Children can decorate the printable template and then grab a handful of pasta and race to find all of the letters of the alphabet. The game is so much fun that your child is sure to learn the alphabet in record time!

What you'll need:

How to make your alphabet soup game:
  1. Using cardstock, print out one Soup-er Alphabet Game template per child. Allow each child to decorate their soup bowl with crayons or markers. (see photos)
  2. To play the Soup-er Alphabet game, have each child place their decorated game board in front of them. Open the box of alphabet pasta and have each child grab a small handful. Have children race to find the letters of the alphabet and place them in order. The first child to find all letters of the alphabet in alphabetical order wins! (see photos)
  3. To make the game more challenging, place a time limit (such as three minutes) on children. You can also have children spell as many words as possible with the handful of letters they are given. You can also give children a category such as animals, food, or occupations and have them create as many words as possible. The possibilities are endless!
  4. When not in use, store the game boards in the large Ziploc bag and the alphabet pasta noodles in the small Ziploc bag. (see photos)
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