Did you buy your child some awesome shoes only to find out that he or she struggles to tie them? Teach them to tie their own shoes in time for school by practicing on the E-Z Tie Shoelaces craft. This craft is made from yarn and cardstock and is sure to make shoe tying fun as it is used over and over again!

What you'll need:

  • 1 small piece of cardstock
  • 1 large piece of cardstock
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Markers
  • Tape
  • E-Z Tie Shoelaces Craft Template
  • Decorations, if desired (buttons, stickers, gems, pom-poms, etc.)
How to make your shoelaces craft:
  • Print out the accompanying E-Z Tie Shoelaces Craft Template. Cut out the shape and trace it onto the small piece of cardstock. Fold the shape in half and punch four holes along the edge. Open the shape back up and fold the edges towards the center, leaving a � inches gap. (see photos)
  • Take an adult-sized shoe and trace the outline of the shoe onto the large piece of cardstock. Cut out the shape. You may have to widen the arches, depending on the shoe. (see photos)
  • Glue this rectangle to the center of the large cardstock shape. Allow the glue to dry. (see photos)
  • Wrap tape around the ends of the yarn so that it doesn't fray. Thread the yarn through the bottom hole on either side so that the very center of the yarn is in the center of the cardstock. Begin threading the yarn in an X pattern, switching the two ends of the yarn from side to side. It should look like a regular laced shoe. (see photos)
  • Decorate the shoe with markers and any desired decorations. Allow glue to dry completely, if necessary. (see photos)
  • Your E-Z Tie Shoelaces craft is ready for you to practice on� you will be a shoelace tying whiz in no time!
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