Looking for crafts to do during a specially themed party like pirates, dress up or animals?  Or just looking for crafts that are fun for kids to do during a birthday party?  Then this is the right page for you as we have a variety of birthday party crafts that kids are sure to love!

Birthday Crafts

Secret Message Magic Craft secret message craft

Looking for an activity to make your magician-themed birthday party magical? Let children do the Secret Message Magic activity for instant smiles. This exciting activity allows children to use white crayons, white paper, and tempura paint to write secret messages to one another. Once complete, have children exchange messages!

Animal Menagerie Popsicle Sticks popsicle stick animals craft

Let children craft the Animal Menagerie Popsicle Sticks at your zoo-themed birthday party for a fun activity and super party favor. Made from markers, Popsicle sticks, wiggly eyes, felt, and yarn, these adorable animals are sure to be the life of any party!

Festive Birthday Straws birthday straws craft

Turn boring straws into a fun favor with the Festive Birthday Straws craft. Make your own straws from plastic straws, colored cardstock, a hole punch, and markers. These straws can be crafted to fit any birthday party theme. Once complete, let children slip them onto their straws and slurp away!

Birthday Memories Time Capsule birthday time capsule craft

Not sure where to store your child’s birthday pictures, invitations, and birthday cards? Craft the Birthday Memories Time Capsule and you will always have a place to store those special memories! Made from a cardboard box, colored cardstock, glue, markers, and stickers, this colorful box is sure to become a treasure!

Celebration Placemats Craft birthday placemats craft

Craft the easy-to-make Celebration Placemats as an activity at your birthday party or ahead of time to match the color scheme of your party. Made from colored cardstock, markers, and scissors, these colorful placemats are sure to be a fun addition to any birthday table!

Circles of Fun Party Wreath birthday party wreath craft

Looking for a way to make your birthday special? Craft the Circles of Fun Party Wreath! Make your own wreath from colored cardstock, yarn, a paper plate, ribbon, markers, and any other unique party-themed objects you desire. Once complete, hang it on the door and await the arrival of your guests!

Tiny Trendy Wooden Dolls wooden dolls dress up craft

Bring excitement to your dress-up themed party by crafting the Tiny Trendy Wooden Dolls. Made from pipe cleaners, wooden clothespins, craft floss, and markers, these dolls are as unique as the girls designing them. A perfect craft for elementary-aged girls!

Bubbles Abound Birthday Craft birthday bubbles craft

Delight children with the Bubbles Abound Birthday Craft! Children of all ages can construct a bubble pipe from a paper cup, glue, markers, and a straw. After decorating their cup, fill it with bubbles and see who can make the largest one!

Decorative Birthday Tree Craft decorative birthday tree craft

Liven up the birthday table with the Decorative Birthday Tree. Make the tree ahead of time and then allow party guests of all ages to add colorful ornaments and sweet messages to the tree. Make your own tree from a tree branch, tin can, marbles, tissue paper, hole punch, colored cardstock, markers, and ribbon.

Treasure Awaits Treasure Hunt Map treasure map craft

Liven up your pirate-themed birthday party with the Treasure Awaits Treasure Hunt Map activity. This fun map is created ahead of time and is sure to tire children out as they search for objects throughout a designated area. Make your own from parchment paper, twine, crayons, and scissors.