Store thoughtful birthday cards, creative birthday invitations, silly birthday photos, and more in the Birthday Memories Time Capsule!  Make your own time capsule from a cardboard box, colored cardstock, glue, markers, and stickers.  Once complete, check out the ideas at the end of the instructions for some fun ideas to add to your time capsule!

What you'll need:

  • Colored cardstock
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Markers or crayons
  • Cardboard box with lid (shoebox, postage box, etc.)
  • Large Ziploc bags (1 per year)
How to make your Birthday Memories Time Capsule
  1. Using a marker, trace the lid of the box.  Cut out the shape.  Glue to the top of the lid and allow the time for the glue to dry.  (see photos)
  2. Decorate the piece of cardstock with markers or crayons.  Make sure your name is written on the box somewhere.  You can also cut out fun shapes from colored cardstock to glue on the top.  Other ideas for decorating include using stickers, sequins, glitter, or dried pasta.  Make your box unique.  If using glue, allow your box to dry completely.  (see photos)
  3. Your box is ready to store all of your memories.  Each year, write the year on a large Ziploc bag with a permanent marker and place all desired memories inside. 
  4. Here are some fun ideas to store in your memory box:
    • The birthday invitation you sent out to invite your friends to your birthday
    • The birthday cards you received from family members and friends
    • Silly pictures that mom took during the party
    • Any crafts or activities made during the party
    • Deflated Mylar balloons, tabletop confetti, or streamers that were used to decorate for the party
    • A letter to yourself telling about what you hope to accomplish in the coming year, how you have changed (height, likes and dislikes, etc.), what you are looking forward to, and highlights from the previous year.
  5. Store the box in a safe place and pull it out each year around your birthday.  Have fun sifting through the old memories (make sure they don’t get mixed up!), before creating new memories!
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