oswald characters craftsOur daughter simply loves the Oswald tv show so we thought it would be fun to put together some Oswald crafts for kids. We also had a hard time finding any Oswald crafts online, so we figured other people might really enjoy some. We put together Oswald character templates for Oswald, Weenie, Daisy, Henry, Johnny Snowman and Madame Butterfly that you can use to make these characters with your kids. We made each of these Oswald characters out of craft foam, but you could use construction paper, felt or anything else you want.

Oswald Craft

oswald craft Have fun making this Oswald craft with your kids. Use our printable Oswald template to make it easy to cut out all of the pieces and put Oswald together.

Weenie Craft

weenie oswald craft Don't forget Oswald's pet Weenie. He goes everywhere with Oswald, and you can use our printable template to cut out all the pieces to make this Weenie craft with your kids.

Henry Craft

henry oswald craft Henry is Oswald's best friend and we have a template for him so you can have fun making him with your kids to go with the other Oswald crafts on this page.

Daisy Craft

daisy oswald craft Have fun making Daisy to go with our other Oswald crafts. Use our printable Daisy template and cut out all of Daisy's parts and put her together.

Madame Butterfly Craft

madame butterfly craft Madame Butterfly is one of our daughter's favorites and you can make this craft too with your kids. Just print out our template and cut out the pieces and put her together.

Johnny Snowman Craft

johnny snowman craft Use our Johnny Snowman template along with craft foam, construction paper or felt, cut out the pieces and put them together to make this Oswald craft.