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Summer Crafts for Kids

Summer is such a fun time for the whole family and its a great time of the year for crafts too! We've got plenty of summer crafts for kids of all ages that you'll enjoy doing with your little ones. We have some toddler summer crafts as well as some for older children. We've got plenty of ideas including sun crafts, ice cream cone crafts, beach crafts and many more so just take a look below and start crafting with your kids.

Kids Summer Crafts

Handprint Hermit Crab Craft handprint hermit crab craft

This handprint hermit crab craft is perfect during the summer season and fits with any beach themed activities. Kids will love making their handprint and using fuzzy pipe cleaner for the antennas. Children will also enjoy ripping up the tissue paper for the hermit crab shell.

Bubble Wrap Beehive Craft beehive craft

Bubble wrap, paint and our provided template make it easy to put together this cute summer kids craft. The bubble wrap is a wonderful stamp that gives the beehive a fun look. The addition of fingerprint bees makes this summer craft even better.

Letter C Crab Craft letter c crab craft

C is for crab and our easy letter craft gives you all the steps to create a crab from the letter C itself. Use our provided template, a little glue and a couple googly eyes to create your very own crab craft. It's a great letter craft, summer craft, or ocean animal craft that even young children will enjoy making.

3D Ocean Scene Craft ocean scene craft

This cute 3D ocean scene is a great craft to do when studying about the ocean or a day after coming home from the beach. Kids create an ocean scene by gluing sand and shells to a cardboard box, placing fish stickers in it and covering it with blue cellophane wrap.

Palm Tree Craft palm tree craft

Take some used paper rolls and cut them up into smaller pieces to make this cool palm tree craft. Use our printable craft template to make the leaves to top off this fun summer craft.

Sunflower Craft sunflower craft

Sunflowers that reach into the sky are one of our favorite parts of summer. So what could be a better craft than a sunflower craft made with real sunflower seeds. This is a simple summer craft for kids that makes a wonderful decoration as well.

Paper Plate Sun paper plate sun craft

Have fun making this paper plate sun craft which is a great summer craft for kids. With a paper plate, some paint and some construction paper, children can have some fun making this cool summertime sun!

Popsicle Matching Game popsicle craft

Learning with popsicles - what could be better! All you need are a few popsicle sticks, construction paper and our free template to complete this fun summer craft. Play a matching game or memory game and customize it to the skill set of your child. This summer craft for kids is a simple way to make learning fun.

Paper Ice Cream Cone Craft ice cream craft

What’s better on a hot summer day than cold ice cream? This cute summer craft for kids is very simple and a lot of fun to make. Let your kids color their own ice cream flavors and then assemble this cute ice cream craft complete with either real or paper sprinkles.

Watermelon Craft watermelon craft

No summer picnic is complete without a big slice of watermelon! This cute paper watermelon craft is a fun, simple summer craft that even a younger child could do. Our provided template makes this summer craft even easier to do.

Floating Boat Craft floating boat craft

Spend a few hours floating this whimsical boat down a stream, in your pool, or even in your bathtub! This is the perfect craft to keep your young sailor busy with easy to follow instructions and simple to find materials.

Ocean Flower Pot ocean flower pot craft

This is a fun summer craft that you can do with your children. Make this ocean flower pot with a basic pot, some paint, seashells (or dyed pasta) and some sand from the beach!

Egg Carton Flowers egg carton flowers

A beautiful bouquet for flowers that bloom all year long! Make these pretty flowers from an egg carton and a few other basic materials. This is sure to be a hit with all the kids during summer.

Ocean in a Bottle Craft ocean in bottle craft

Looking to take a break from the heat this summer? Allow young children to use their creativity to make their own undersea adventure. Kids of all ages will love to explore their Ocean-in-a-Bottle, watching fish bob and swim with every shake of the jar.

Beach Scene Craft beach scene craft

Have fun cutting out and putting together this cool beach scene craft. The pieces are made from craft foam and you can use our printable template to cut out all the pieces. Then kids can put the pieces together and add some creative finishing touches.

Beach Picture Frame beach frame craft

This beach picture frame is a fun summer craft that makes a great keepsake. All you need is a basic wooden frame to start with and then some paint and some sand from the beach if you have it.

Ice Cream Cone Craft ice cream cone craft

Check out this fun and simple kids summer craft. All kids like ice cream cones and this kids craft is sure to be a hit! Just use a small pot, some paint, glue and pom-poms to fill in the cone.

Handprint Sun Craft handprint sun craft

Decorate your window with our handprint sun craft. Turn a paper plate into a sun using yellow paint and your child’s handprints. This is a simple summer craft that even a very, very young child could do with a little help.

Lightning Bug kids firefly craft

This glow in the dark lightning bug craft is a hit with kids. Kids can use their creativity when decorating it and then take it into a dark room and watch is glow when you are done!

No-Bake Summer Birthday Cake no-bake summer birthday cake craft

Looking for a creative and easy birthday gift? The Easy-to-Make, No-Bake, Summer Birthday Cake will be a delight for your child to make and a memorable gift for the birthday child. This fun craft includes instructions for making a fun miniature cake and card!

Beaded Flower Bracelet popsicle craft

Entertain your daughter on a rainy, summer afternoon with this beautiful Beaded Flower Bracelet. Easy to make and fun to wear, girls will delight in beading small, brightly colored beads in a unique design.

Summer Glow Lantern Craft glow lantern craft

Light up the night with this beautiful lantern. Children of all ages will have fun creating their custom lanterns from a glass jar, tissue paper, and markers. Watch in delight as night falls and children see their lanterns brighten up a dark window or an outdoor patio.

Summer Picnic Clips Craft picnic clips craft

Solve the problem of constantly chasing your plates, napkins, and tablecloth on windy summer days. Children can turn simple rocks into works of art, using their imagination to paint various flowers and bugs and create these Summer Picnic Clips!

Summer Door Hanger beach door hanger

This beach door hanger makes a great kids summer craft for slightly older children. They will love painting the individual pieces and adding the cool touches of glitter and sand to this unique craft.

Sun Catcher sun catcher craft

Use our free template, some contact paper and tissue paper to create a very cute sun shaped sun catcher craft! This cute summer craft is easy enough for very young children to do as the contact paper takes away the messy glue factor. All children need to do to make this fun summer craft is to stick the tissue paper pieces to the contact paper and the end result is perfect every time.

Paper Plate Fish paper plate fish

If you want a nice easy summer craft that you can do with very young children, this paper plate fish is a great one. Our 2 year old daughter had a fun time painting this one and helping us put it together. Slightly older kids can do the cutting and gluing as well.

Sand Paper Sand Castle sand paper sand castle

Our sandpaper sandcastle craft is a fun craft for kids that is full of shapes and new textures. Young children will enjoy feeling the rough texture of the sandpaper, while older children will enjoy working with a new, slightly different craft material. This is a fun summer craft that your kids will love.

Beach Bag Craft beach bag craft

Try out this fun craft with your kids during summer time and end up with a very useful beach bag. Children will enjoy this summer craft and it works with a variety of age groups. The younger the kids, the more "abstract" the final result may be, but all kids seem to like this one during summer.

Homemade Butterfly Net butterfly net craft

Recycle a plastic grocery bag and a metal hanger to make a butterfly net. Once you're done, head to the back yard to catch your first creatures. Make sure to be gentle with them and always let them go after you check them out. Because this craft uses a hanger, it is better suited for older children.

Great Swimmer Award great swimmer award certificate

Ok, so not so much a craft for kids to make - but it's to give to a child that is doing well learning to swim. This printable "Great Swimmer" certificate is perfect to for a child that is learning to swim and is doing well. We made this and gave to our daughter the first time she swam on her own and she was so proud to receive it!

Stained Glass Fish stained glass fish craft

We really liked this fish craft and it was perfect for summertime. The contact paper is the key to making this craft "toddler friendly" - no messy glue to contend with and it's easy for them to add the tissue paper all by themselves. The tissue paper makes the craft fun for small kids and the project has a great stained glass effect in the sunlight.

Styrofoam Crab styrofoam crab craft

This styrofoam crab craft is a great summer project and decoration that you can make with your kids. Transform styrofoam balls, pipe cleaners and paint into an incredibly cute crab! This project uses materials with great textures and encourages your children to be creative and use materials in different ways.

Beach Shaker Bottle shaker bottle craft

Recycle a used water bottle into a fun beach themed shaker in this summer craft. This is a fun craft to do with children in the summer season. We made this summer craft with our 4 year old and it makes a fun toy to play with in the end.