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Craft Foam Beach Scene

This beach craft will work with toddlers and older kids. Kids that can use scissors can cut out all the pieces using our template. Parents can do this beach scene craft with toddlers by cutting out the pieces and letting them do the gluing. We did this craft with our toddler and it was a big hit!

What you'll need:

How to make your foam beach scene:
  • Cut out a 8" X 10"piece of light brown craft foam.
  • Cut out a 4" x 10" rectangle of blue craft foam. Cut one of the long sides so that it is wavy (this will be the ocean).
  • Glue the blue piece to the brown piece to create your beach background.
  • Print our template and cut out the pieces. Trace the templates onto craft foam and cut out the pieces.
  • Glue all of the pieces on the scene.
  • Use the paint pens and glitter glue to add fun details to your scene! (if you are doing with a toddler, this is when you may want to make sure you put on their "painting shirt" like we did)

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