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Paper Ice Cream Cone Craft

Mmmm ice cream... This paper ice cream cone craft is a cute summer craft that is great for kids of all ages. Simply print our provided template and let your child color in the scoops to creat their own flavors. Our daughter decided to make pink vanilla ice cream! Once the cone is glued together add an extra level of fun by adding on sprinkles. This is a fun summer craft for kids that incorporates scissor skills, gluing skills and fun sensory play.

What you'll need:

How to make your paper ice cream cone craft:
  • Print our ice cream template. To make the ice cream cone a bit sturdier, print directly onto card stock.
  • Let your child color the scoops any color they want, then cut the scoops and the cone out.
  • Glue the scoops onto the cone.
  • Option 1: Spread some glue onto the scoops with your finger to get a thin layer. Put some real sprinkles onto the glue and then shake off the extra.
    Option 2: Cut some construction paper into thin strips and then into small pieces to look like sprinkles. Spread some glue onto the scoops with your finger to get a thin layer and then paste some paper sprinkles onto the scoops.

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