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Alphabet Crafts for Kids

This collection of alphabet crafts for kids is perfect to help teach any children the letters of the alphabet. Kids will enjoy making these fun crafts and will learn to recognize, say and identify words that start with each of the letters of the alphabet. We also have some alphabet games for kids that they get to help make and then play themselves.

Kids Alphabet Crafts

Letter A Alligator Craft letter a alligator craft

This is a fun craft for learning the short sound for A. It's easy to make as we have provided the template to use as your guide. Have your child repeat the sound as he/she constructs the alligator.

Letter B Bumblebee Craft letter b bumblebee craft

This bumblebee craft is a perfect animal craft to make when learning about the letter B. It's easy to make and a fun way to learn the sound of B. This is a great project for teachers to use when teaching B as the letter of the week.

Letter C Crab Craft letter c crab craft

C is for crab and our easy letter craft gives you all the steps to create a crab from the letter C itself. Use our provided template, a little glue and a couple googly eyes to create your very own crab craft. It's a great letter craft, summer craft, or ocean animal craft that even young children will enjoy making.

Letter D Duck Craft letter d duck craft

D is for duck, and in this cute alphabet craft, the D IS the duck! Use our template to turn a letter D into a duck by adding a few simple paper shapes and a couple googly eyes. This cute duck craft is perfect for a letter of the week craft, a pond craft, bird craft or even a farm craft.

Letter E Eagle Craft letter e craft - eagle

E is for eagle and this fun craft helps your child learn the long sound for the letter E. With very few materials, this craft can be made in a classroom setting during letter of the week activities.

Letter F Fox Craft letter f craft - fox

F is for fox and you can turn the letter F into a fox with a few easy steps. With our template, some construction paper and glue, this is a fun way to help kids learn the sound of F.

Letter G Gumball Machine Craft letter g craft - gumball machine

This colorful craft is a fun way to learn the sound of G. With just a few materials, this craft can be made at home or in the classroom setting. Have your child repeat the sound of G as they glue on the "gumballs!"

Letter H Horse Craft letter h horse craft

H is for horse and in this fun Letter H Horse Craft you can turn the letter H into a horse with a few easy steps. A little construction paper, glue and yarn are all you need to make this great letter craft that is great to use when teaching young children their letters and alphabet sounds.

Letter I Inchworm Craft letter i inchworm craft

This inchworm craft is a perfect animal craft to make when learning about the Letter I. Our inchworm is easy to make using our provided template, construction paper and glue. Perfect for even young crafters, this alphabet craft is sure to hold their interest.

Letter J Jingle Bells Craft letter j jingle bells craft

J is for jingle and in this fun letter J craft, you can make the actual letter make the jingle noise! This craft is easy for all ages and can be a fun activity for home or for the classroom setting.

Letter K Kite Craft letter k kite craft

K is for kite and this is a colorful craft to use when learning about the letter K. This activity is easy for any age and can be made at home or in the classroom.

Letter L Lamp Craft letter l lamp craft

L is for lamp and with this easy craft, your child can put an everyday object and match it to its letter and sound. Perfect for all ages, this is a fun activity for the home or the classroom.

Letter M Mouse Craft letter m mouse craft

M is for mouse and this Letter M Mouse craft is a simple paper craft that turns the letter M into a mouse. This fun letter craft is so easy to make and such a fun way to teach kids their letters and alphabet sounds.

Letter N Night Craft letter n craft

This is a fun craft for teaching your child the sound of N. It's easy to make as we have provided the template to use as your guide. This craft can be made by all ages at home or in the classroom.

Letter O Octopus Craft letter o octopus craft

O is for Octopus and it doesn’t take much to transfer the letter O into an eight-legged friend. We made our O Octopus craft out of orange construction paper and then used a letter O stamp to make the suckers on his tentacles. This was a great alphabet craft on its own, but would also be great for an ocean craft.

Letter O Ocean Craft letter o ocean craft

This is a fun craft for learning the long sound for O. It's easy to make and perfect for all ages to enjoy. This is a great activity for teachers to use when trying to explain the difference in the short sound and the long sound for O.

Letter P Popcorn Craft letter p popcorn craft

This popcorn craft is a fun and easy activity to make when learning the sound of P. With just a few materials and a bag of popcorn, this is great to do at home or in the classroom. Also makes for a yummy snack, too!

Letter Q Queen Craft letter q queen craft

Kids always love turning their letters into something fun. Using the letter Q, making a queen is easy for all ages. Let your child use their creativity when decorating the queen's crown. There are endless possibilities.

Letter R Rabbit Craft letter r rabbit craft

R is for rabbit and this cute letter R rabbit craft is a fun, easy alphabet craft for kids to make. Using our provided template, construction paper and a cotton ball even young children can put together this letter R rabbit craft as they have fun learning their alphabet.

Letter S Snake Craft letter s snake craft

S is for snake and this fun alphabet craft turns the letter s into a snake. This letter S snake craft is a very easy alphabet craft that your child can personalize however they would like. Some shapes or sequins ("s words") would be a great way to enhance the learning that comes with this letter S snake craft.

Letter S Snow Craft letter s snow craft

This S is for Snow craft is a great way to teach young children about the sound the letter “s” makes and doubles as a fun winter craft as well. We used this as part of our letter of the week activities and our daughter had a great time making it snow on her letter S.

Letter T Turkey Craft letter t turkey craft

T is for t-t-turkey and in this cute alphabet craft the letter T is the turkey! This is a simple paper and glue craft that is a wonderful addition to letter of the week crafts, or a unique twist on a Thanksgiving Turkey craft.

Letter V Vase Craft letter v vase craft

V is for vase and violets too and this fun alphabet craft has both. Turn the letter V into a beautiful vase by adding flowers to it. This Letter V vase is perfect for young crafters learning their alphabet letters.

Alphabet Flashcards alphabet flashcards

Looking for a way to making learning the alphabet fun for children struggling with letter sounds? Touch the Alphabet Flashcards is an enjoyable craft that is easy to make and allows kids to have fun glue household objects onto cardstock. Once complete, these cards will help children learn the letters of the alphabet and their corresponding sounds with these carry everywhere flashcards!

Alphabet Soup Game alphabet game

Is your child tired of alphabet flashcards? The Soup-er Alphabet is a fast-paced game that will cause kids to forget that they are even learning. This game can even be adjusted to incorporate older kids learning their spelling words!

Alphabet Buddies alphabet craft

Looking for adorable refrigerator art? Alpha Buddies Alphabet Dolls is a simple craft that allows preschoolers to create twenty six unique letters of the alphabet, designed to look like dolls. These letters are complete with faces and dangling yarn appendages. Once complete, preschoolers will love putting them in alphabetical order and manipulating them to form sight words!

Alphabet Sandwiches alphabet sandwiches craft

Is your child hungry for learning? If not, this activity is bound to make any child hunger to know more about the letters of the alphabet. This tasty craft allows preschoolers to create unique sandwiches based on the letters of the alphabet. As they learn to spell their name and simple words, they will excitedly race to discover what unique sandwich combinations they have created! Who knows, you may even turn your picky eater into a sandwich foodie!

Alphabet Felt Board alphabet felt board

Help kids practice their ability to recognize the letters of the alphabet. Use our printable alphabet templates to print out each letter and then cut out the felt shapes. Then ask kids to say each letter as you put the letters on the felt board. Our kids loved practicing the alphabet this way.

Alphabet Caterpillar alphabet caterpillar

Looking for a fun and educational craft? The Alphabet Caterpillar is an easy-to-make craft using an egg carton and pipe cleaners. Preschoolers will love looking at their creation and learning the letters of the alphabet. Once they master their capital letters, simply turn the Alphabet Caterpillar around so they can start learning their lower case letters!

Name Word Art Crafts word art crafts

What’s in a Name Pasta Word Art is the perfect craft for any preschoolers who are just learning their letters and how to spell their names. Not only will this craft reinforce the letters of the alphabet, but children will have a constant reminder of how to spell their name when they look at their wrist and see a bracelet, put hairclips or a headband in their hair, or even when they sit down to eat a meal and see their name on a fun and easy place card!

Alphabet Jumble Game alphabet jumble game

Ready to practice the ABC's with your preschooler? Create the Alphabet Jumble using clothespins and your choice of stickers, magazine cutouts, or photographed objects. This three-in-one activity allows your child to practice writing the letters of the alphabet, go on a scavenger hunt to discover beginning letter sounds, and then play the actual Alphabet Jumble game, which works on both letter and sound recognition.

Edible Alphabet Play Dough alphabet play dough

Are you constantly checking your child’s mouth to make sure they are not eating play dough. Set your mind at ease with the Incredible, Edible, Alphabetical Play Dough, a tasty alternative play dough, made with only a few common, healthy ingredients. Once you have made the play dough, work with your children to create each letter of the alphabet. This approach will teach children their letters in a fun and delicious way!

ABC Necklace Craft abc necklace craft

Help kids learn the letters for the alphabet in order while making something fun to wear. Kids will enjoy making this necklace and being able to wear it when complete. Even better, they will really be practicing the alphabet while doing it!

Toss the Letters Matching Game alphabet matching game

Toss the Letter Matching Game combines imagination, knowledge, and luck. Children will craft a game board from paper, markers, and a hole punch, decorating the board in a unique way. Once complete, children will toss the letters of the alphabet that they created, hoping to land on the corresponding letter!

Accordion Alphabet Book alphabet book craft

Your preschooler will have a blast with this craft! The Alphabet to Go will allow your youngster to fold paper, write the letters of the alphabet, and decorate. Once complete, children can store this all-in-one book in a box they decorate themselves. Children will love taking this book out to learn the letters of the alphabet.

Fancy Letter Monogram Card monogram letter card

Looking to brighten someone’s mailbox? Have your child send them a Fancy Fabric Monogram Card created with their own hands. Children will love crafting these simple cards from patterned fabric. Once complete, children can practice their letter writing skills to write a nice note to a loved one or friend.