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Dress Up Crafts

This section is dedicated to dress-up crafts. Kids love to play dress-up and they also love to make crafts, so why not do these crafts which allow them to do both. We have found that children are especially attracted to crafts that they can interact with and play with after they are done. Any these help to inspire the imagination as well, so have fun making them with your kids and then seeing kid's imaginations go as they play with them!

Dress Up Crafts

Pretty As a Princess Miniature Purse Craft purse craft

Girls will delight in designing their own Pretty As a Princess Miniature Purses. These quick to make purses are customizable and can be used as a decoration for your daughter’s room, as a lunchbox surprise, or even as a birthday party favor.

Cheerleader Dress Up Craft cheerleader dress up craft

Craft a fun set of pom-poms and megaphone in the Dressed to Cheer Dress Up Craft. Make your own craft from colored cardstock, cardboard, tissue paper or ribbon, and a stapler. Once complete, pretend to be a cheerleader or bring them along to the next parade or football game.

Sword Craft sword craft

Your little knight in shining armor will love making his own sword. Perfect to help them save a fair maiden! Just follow our really simple instructions to make this real looking (but safe) sword craft.

Cowboy Vest Dress Up Craft paper bag cowboy vest craft

Howdy, Cowboy! Get ready to chase some robbers while wearing the Wild West Cowboy Vest! Crafted from a large grocery bag, scissors, and markers, this simple-to-make craft is appropriate for children of all ages. Once complete, grab a pair of cowboy boots and a cowboy hat and go searching for robbers!

Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hat Craft pilgrim hat craft

Dress up like a pilgrim with this hat. What was it like to be a pilgrim? Making this paper Thanksgiving pilgrim hat will get kids into the holiday spirit and allow them to pretend to be a pilgrim.

Beauty Salon Dress Up Craft beauty salon dress up craft

Try out crazy hair colors, different lengths of hair, and even some wacky mustaches after creating the Beauty Salon Hair and Mustache Fun Craft. This fun craft uses paper plates, colored cardstock, yarn, bamboo skewers, markers, scissors, and glue. Once complete, set up shop and offer to do someone’s hair!

Binoculars Craft binoculars craft

Make binoculars out of a couple paper rolls and some basic craft supplies. Kids will love using this as a prop when playing as well. This makes a great dress up craft or adventure craft!

Snowman Dress Up Mask snowman dress up craft

Craft a snowman that will never melt with the Frosty the Snowman Dress Up Mask. This fun craft is suitable for children of all ages and uses elastic string, a paper plate, colored cardstock, markers, and a hole punch. Once complete, follow the suggestions included in the instructions to make a full Frosty the Snowman outfit!

Robot Dress Up Craft robot dress up craft

Program your youngster to do his or her chores after completing the Robot Dress Up Craft! Make your own robot outfit from a paper bag, crayons or markers, colored cardstock, scissors, and glue. Once complete, children will have a blast speaking and moving like robots!

Handprint Moose Headband handprint moose headband craft

Use your child’s handprint to make a Moose Dress Up Headband. Craft your own set of antlers from brown cardstock, a large grocery bag, stapler, glue, and markers. This simple and easy craft is perfect for very young children, story time, or even a nature program!

Flower Dress Up Mask flower dress up mask

Brighten up your dress up trunk with the Flower Power Dress Up Mask. Make your own mask from a paper plate, crayons, elastic string, and colored cardstock. Once complete, put on your mask and dress in all green to become a beautiful flower!

Beautiful Bonnet Dress Up Craft paper bonnet dress up craft

Craft a simple paper bonnet from cardstock, ribbon, scissors, a ruler, and markers in the Beautiful Bonnet Dress Up Craft. Then, pretend to be a maiden or peasant in the olden days. A perfect craft for children of all ages, especially during Thanksgiving when children are learning about the Pilgrims!

Artist’s Palette Dress Up Craft artist dress up craft

Youngsters will love pretending to be Picasso or Monet with the Artist’s Palette Dress Up Craft. Made from cardboard, scissors, and paint, this fun palette is the perfect addition to any dress up trunk. Once complete, children can add the fun ideas suggested to their costume and host their own art show!

Thanksgiving Necklace Craft thanksgiving necklace craft

This pasta necklace is a great wearable craft for Thanksgiving. Dye your own pasta Thanksgiving colors and then thread the noodles onto a necklace. Kids will love this great Thanksgiving craft made with a fun new material. We’ve included a few tips so that even a young preschooler can make this fun craft.

Make Believe Mask make believe mask craft

Bring out your child’s creative side with this customizable mask. Children can create a mask fit for royalty, a bandit, or for some other imaginative creature. Make believe has never been so fun!

Princess, Wizard and Adventurer’s Hats Craft dress up hats craft

Provide hours of make-believe fun for your young one. Allow children of all ages to craft a princess, wizard, and adventurer hat from simple, household materials. Afterwards, children will love donning these hats and becoming a young adventurer, wizard, and princess!

Trendy Hair Wrap Craft hair wrap craft

Hair wraps are the latest trend this summer. They keep you cool, keep the hair out of your face, and can be matched to any outfit. This craft is perfect for the beginning seamstress, allowing for practice threading a needle and creating a line of straight stitches.