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Popsicle Stick Puzzle Art

Create this unique puzzle to entertain a little one. The extra large pieces are ideal for a young child just learning to put a puzzle together! This craft will inspire youngsters to doodle and sketch their own unique design. The Popsicle stick puzzle will encourage children to use problem solving techniques to put it back together and will even reinforce counting from one to ten!

What you'll need:

  • 10 jumbo popsicle sticks
  • masking tape
  • crayons
  • 1 rubber band

How to make your Popsicle Stick Puzzle Art:

  1. Take your Popsicle sticks and line them up side to side. (see photo)
  2. With a crayon, on one side of the Popsicle sticks, number each Popsicle stick from one to ten. (see photo)
  3. On the same side, place a strip of masking tape on one side of the Popsicle sticks so that there are no spaces in between the Popsicle sticks. Repeat on the other side. (see photo)
  4. With the masking tape still attached, flip over the Popsicle sticks and a draw a picture. Encourage children to fill as much of the Popsicle sticks with as many colors as they can. (see photo)
  5. Once the picture is complete, flip the Popsicle sticks back over and remove the masking tape.
  6. To complete the puzzle, place the Popsicle sticks with the picture side up and shuffle them. If you get stuck, use the numbers on the back to put the Popsicle sticks in order!
  7. Wrap a rubber band around the Popsicle sticks to store.

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