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Fire Fighter in Action Pole Sliding Craft

Make the memorable Fire Fighter in Action Pole Sliding Craft with children of all ages. This craft is made from a paper towel roll, markers, colored cardstock, and string. Once complete, children can slide the fire fighter up and down the pole as he or she prepares to fight fires!

What you'll need:

How to make your fire fighter in action craft:
  1. Print out the Fire Fighter in Action Pole Sliding Craft Template onto white cardstock. Cut out the fire fighter and decorate with crayons or markers (see photos)
  2. Cut a two inch piece from the straw. Tape this piece to the back of the fire fighter. (see photos)
  3. Wrap the paper towel roll in foil and tape into place. Tuck the ends of the foil into the top and bottom holes of the paper towel roll. (see photos)
  4. Thread the string or yarn through the straw on the back of the firefighter. Then, thread one end of the string through the paper towel tube. Pull the string until the two ends are even and tie a knot, making sure that the string is taut against the paper towel roll. Turn the string so that the knot is hidden inside the paper towel tube. (see photos)
  5. Your fire fighter is now ready for action! Slide him up and down the pole to prepare to fight fires!

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