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I Spy in a Jar Craft

This childhood game comes alive for children as they capture various trinkets in a jar. Once all objects are found, children can simply shake, shake, shake the jar and begin the hunt all over again. The "I Spy" Jar can be modified for kids of all ages, providing hours of entertainment during long car rides, rainy days, and can even be customized for a unique birthday gift!

What you'll need:

  • 1 clean, clear glass jar with a lid (see photo for some examples)
  • Enough rice to fill your jar (the type of rice is your choice)
  • 20 small, colorful objects to place in your jar including decorative erasers, paperclips, seashells, dried pasta or beans, large beads, nuts, screws, bolts, small game pieces, buttons, marbles, little pictures or magazine clips, or any other small object your child wishes to put inside!
  • Piece of cardstock (8 ½ inches by 11 inches)
  • A marker
  • One sticky label (1 inch by 2 ¾ inches)
  • Stickers to decorate (optional)

How to make your "I Spy" in a Jar Craft:

  1. Make sure that your glass jar is clean, dry, and has a VERY secure lid.
  2. Cut a strip off the piece of paper, and using the marker, write each of the twenty objects on the paper. Decorate, if desired. (See Photo) Set aside.
  3. Using the remaining paper form a funnel, place the funnel in the glass jar, and fill one-fourth of the jar with rice. Place the five largest colorful objects in the jar. Screw the lid on tightly and shake until the objects are covered in rice. (See Photo)
  4. Remove the top, and using the funnel, fill the jar halfway with rice. Place five more objects in the jar, screw the lid on tightly and shake until the objects are covered with rice.
  5. Once again, remove the lid, and using the funnel, fill the jar three-quarters of the way with rice. Place five more objects into the jar, screw on the lid, and shake until the objects are once again covered in rice.
  6. Take the lid off, and using the funnel, fill the jar with rice, leaving once inch of space at the top. Place the final five objects in the jar, screw on the lid, and shake until the objects are covered in rice. (See Photo)
  7. Take the label, write “I Spy…” with the marker and place anywhere on the sides of the jar. (See Photo)
  8. If desired, decorate the lid and sides of the jar with stickers. Make sure you do not over-decorate the sides of the jar since you need to see the objects you are looking for.
  9. Your jar is now completely. Have fun searching for the objects. Challenge a friend to see who can find the most objects! If you give this as a gift, punch a hole in the list of “I Spy” objects and tie it to the lid of the jar.
  10. Modifications: To make this craft with a younger child, make sure to use a non-breakable plastic container. You can choose fewer objects, larger objects, or more brightly colored objects to make it easier for your child to find. Also, instead of writing the objects on paper, you can take a picture of all of the objects on a flat surface (similar to an “I Spy” picture). This will allow a child who is not yet literate to know what objects to find.

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