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Fire Truck Valentine Holder Craft

This fire truck will roll into the classroom in style, ready for the Valentine's Day party! Most of the supplies can be found in your recycle bin. Use a tissue box and red paper for the body of the truck, then help your little one add details to his heart's content. Add a siren, ladder, headlights, tail lights, bumpers, and of course hearts!

What you'll need:

  • Tissue box
  • Other small box or foldable cardboard
  • 4 milk carton caps
  • Red and blue construction paper
  • 3 straws
  • 4 buttons
  • Foil
  • Scissors & glue/ glue gun
  • Pen
  • Pipe cleaner
How to make your Fire Truck Valentine Box
  1. Trace each side and the top of the box on the red paper. Cut out.
  2. Cut out a hole in the top piece of paper. Glue all 5 pieces to the tissue box.
  3. Cut bumpers out of foil and glue on.
  4. Cut straws into ladder pieces and glue on. Hot glue works best for this.
  5. Make the siren by cutting a small box in half. Cut down each corner half way and fold flaps in to close the shape. Glue the flaps shut. Cover the siren in red and blue paper. Attach siren to truck atop a small rectangle of foil.
  6. Attach bottle caps as wheels. Hot glue works best for this.
  7. Glue on buttons as headlights and tail lights.
  8. Add details as you see fit: pipe cleaner hose with foil nozzle, foil knobs and dials, hearts, windows, etc.

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