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Forest Fire Safety Tree

Craft a realistic pine tree in the Forest Fire Safety Tree Craft. Made from a wooden dowel, pine needles, green cardstock, and glue, children will be able to make a stand-up pine tree. Once complete, kids will have their very own tree filled with safety tips for preventing forest fires!

What you'll need:

  • 2 pieces of green cardstock
  • Forest Fire Safety Tree Template
  • 1 wooden dowel
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Black marker
  • Pine needles
  • Wooden thread spool, miniature pot, cork, or other trunk-like material
How to make your forest fire safety tree craft:
  1. Print the Forest Fire Safety Tree Template onto green cardstock and cut out the circles. (see photos)
  2. Along the rim of each of the circles write a different forest fire prevention tip. Some ideas include “Never leave fires unattended.” “Always have an adult with you when you have a fire.” “Always have a bucket of water ready to douse a fire.” “Never stand too close to a large fire.” “Only light fires in designated areas.” “Keep flammable objects far away from fires.” (see photos)
  3. Fold each of the circles in half. Open back up and fold in half again. Repeat four times for each circle. Push the circles in along the creases to form each pine tree layer. (see photos)
  4. Using scissors, snip off the very tip of each of the circles. Make sure you do not cut very much off because it will make your layers too loose.
  5. Using the pointy side of the wooden dowel, place each of the circles onto the wooden dowel, beginning with the largest one. Using scissors, carefully cut off the excess dowel. (see photo)
  6. Place the pointy side of the dowel into a thread spool, wooden cork, or block so that it stands up. Place glue around the dowel to hold it in place. (see photos)
  7. Glue pine needles to the tops of each of the circles. (see photos).
  8. Your tree is now complete. Set this cute decoration on your shelf to remind you about the importance of forest fire safety!

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