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Mother's Day Strawberry Card Craft

This adorable Mother's Day craft makes me smile every time I see it. This is a simple paper craft and our included template makes it easy enough for even the youngest child to help. We know because we had our 9 month old daughter help us make this craft for Grandma! She got to help put on some fingerprint strawberry seeds and seemed to enjoy it as much as our older daughter.

What you'll need:

How to make your Hand and Mother's Day Strawberry Card:
  1. Print Strawberry template #1. Cut out the strawberry, trace it onto red construction paper and cut that piece out.
  2. Print Strawberry template #2. Cut out the strawberry top, trace it onto green construction paper and cut that piece out.
  3. On the green top write "Mom, You are "berry" special and sweet-it's true. Have a happy Mother's Day because I love you". Set this aside.
  4. Have your child dip their finger into black paint and dot it all over the strawberry to make seeds.
  5. When they are done adding the seeds, glue the top of the strawberry on (if you glue the green part on first it usually ends up with "seeds" on it as well!)

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